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Yancy Westridge is the Chief of Operations at Alpha Protocol in the game of the same name. He was part of the CIA for over twenty years, and now has five years of experience in Alpha Protocol. Westridge's years of knowledge make him an expert at the counter terrorism and counterintelligence fields. He personally trains recruits to the organization in interrogation and dossier research. He prefers agents that act rather than talk. He is the one of the handler choices for the Saudi Arabia hub.

Notable QuotesEdit

"The only thing I can say for sure, Mike; this business will change you."
Yancy Westridge warning Michael Thorton when the latter arrives at Alpha Protocol


A twenty-year veteran of the CIA and a five year veteran of Alpha Protocol, Yancy Westridge has worked in both the counterintelligence and counterterrorism fields, earning a degree in International Affairs and serving a tour of duty in the armed forces prior to his CIA service. Although rarely promoted, Westridge has a reputation as an exceptional field agent, expert at reading people, and quick at reacting to situations. He has a low tolerance for smartasses and prefers agents who act instead of talk - impatience and blunt opinions are what Westridge respects, more so than smooth talkers or "by-the-book" recruits.

One of Westridge's positive traits is he knows his job - he's not a field agent anymore, he's a supervisor, so he has pursued that role aggressively, recruiting agents to act as his eyes and his hands while he keeps the bigger picture in mind. He is infamous for hazing new recruits to test their endurance and their reaction under pressure, and he often relies on monitoring the results from a distance, gauging each agent's reactions via monitors and sensors.

Westridge's capable field skills and his natural distaste for procedure make him a natural fit for Alpha Protocol. He is fiercely patriotic, almost to a fault, unwilling to question orders from above - provided those on high don't question him on how the job gets done.

Even when his back is against the wall, Westridge always has a backup plan in place - or at least, an easy escape route. This has allowed him to fall back from the worst of missions, regroup, then come back full force to mount another assault. If given the chance to prepare an ambush, however, attackers should be warned - Westridge digs in, and he digs in deep, never letting himself be exposed for a gunshot or grenade.

Westridge is adept at avoiding ambushes as he is at setting them - opponents who've attempted to bomb or trap his position usually find the seasoned veteran is more than skilled at avoiding any booby traps.

Secret Fact: Despite his long marriage, Westridge keeps numerous secrets from his wife. Among his indiscretions, Yancy apparently had an extramarital affair during a mission with someone codenamed "Saffron." He also loves the thrill he gets from the danger of being an operative - keeping this from his wife is one of the hardest parts of doing his job.

Interactions with Michael ThortonEdit

  • He is the second person (not counting the unnamed soldiers) that Michael Thorton will encounter when he first awakens in The Graybox after Mina Tang. He initially presents himself as a captor threatening Thorton to test his reaction under pressure. He soon welcomes Michael into the agency once Michael makes his way through the facility and past the soldiers.
  • He assigns Michael Thorton to Saudi Arabia on Operation Desert Spear. He orders Thorton to retrieve the missiles and to either kill or apprehend terrorist leader Ali Shaheed.
  • He acts as the handler for the missions Find Nasri the Arms Dealer and Intercept Shaheed and Recover Missiles in Saudi Arabia.
  • If the player either spares Shaheed and agrees to his proposal to "betray their country" (go after Alpha Protocol) before returning to The Graybox or agrees to work for Halbech, Westridge is the final enemy standing in the way of Michael's goal. He will be armed with a fully automatic mounted machine gun in the docking bay control room of The Graybox. To beat him and end the final mission, the player must either take cover and shoot him from below, or fight past the soldiers and make it up the stairs to the keypad wired to the control room door and hack/disable it to enter and fight Westridge. If Shaheed is dead and the player refuses Henry Leland's offer, Westridge will escape from the facility before Michael can even see him, making any revenge on him for his part in the conspiracy unobtainable. [HINT] You can agree with Shaheed in the mission Contact Shaheed, and execute him right after agreeing with him. Choose "yes" when he poses his question of "betraying your country" and then choose "execute" afterwards once the option becomes available. Then you'll still be able to fight Westridge and Leland.

Mission AppearancesEdit

Saudia Arabia


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