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Wen Shu
Wen Shu being "interrogated" by Steven Heck
Gender Male
Appears in Alpha Protocol
Age Unknown
Nationality Taiwanese
Profession/Title Dry Cleaner?

Wen Shu is first found when contacting the supposed CIA-operative Steven Heck in Taipei . Wen is tied to a chair, and has taken a beating from Heck in what appears to be an interrogation. Heck is about to pour cleaning fluid down his throat when Wen manages to point to a candy bowl on a table nearby with his head. Heck's keys are in the bowl, this was apparently the information Heck wanted from Wen.

It is never made clear what the nature of Wen Shu and Steven Heck's relationship is, but it is clear that Heck does not trust Wen for some reason. This is apparent if the player chooses to befriend Heck, as he will mention in a conversation after a mission in Taipei what a "stand-up guy" Thorton is, and then adding "not like sir, not like Wen at all".

If Heck likes you enough he will decline a large bribe from the VCI asking him to frame Thorton for the Ronald Sung assassination. Instead he sets the VCI representative on fire and Wen Shu is named as the assassin on the news, giving Thorton time to escape Taipei.


  • After beating the game Wen Shu will be executed if he is named as Ronald Sung's assassin.
  • A copy of "The Catcher in the Rye" is found in Wen's residence when he is arrested. The book is notorious in conspiracy contexts as apparently being a choice read for several historical killers, including Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated President John F. Kennedy. It's likely that Heck planted the novel in his apartment, considering his obsession with conspiracy theories.

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