After Destructoid, GamesRadar is another website to have an Alpha Protocol week, starting with a feature article about the importance of dialogue.

Alpha Protocol allows you to bring these conversational skills very much to the fore and dialogue and character interaction form an integral part of the game, affecting everything from how you’ll approach your missions, to the weapons and items you can acquire to carry them out. Unlocking people with your conversational skills is key to success, so whether you’re as hot headed as a chilli-chomping chinchilla or as silver tongued as a thermometer-licking aardvark, Alpha Protocol’s dialogue system has something to offer you.

And here's what we read about in the following days:

  • Monday 3 May: Combat and Weapons
  • Tuesday 4 May: Gadgets and Gizmos
  • Wednesday 5 May: Stealth
  • Thursday 6 May: The Femme Fatales

Source: Obsidian Forum

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