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Taipei is the capital city of the Taiwan (also known as the Republic of China, not to be confused with the People's Republic of China, which is the nation known internationally as "China"). This city is the largest city in Taiwan and also second largest city in East Asia and is home to popular landmarks such as the Grand Hotel.

Taipei is also a hub unlocked in Alpha Protocol after Operation Desert Spear along with Moscow and Rome. Michael Thorton is informed of a pre-existing Alpha Protocol safehouse that is completely under the agency's radar because of their insistence on complete discretion, deniability, and secrecy by Mina Tang. He enters his new high-tech safehouse and launches Operation True Heirs. His primary mission in Taipei is to investigate the intel he posesses about a possible assassination attempt on the President of the Republic of China - Ronald Sung, and stop this Halbech-planned plot and hinder their overall conspiracy to start global conflict to benefit their arms sales.

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