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Mina Tang is an intel expert at Alpha Protocol in the game of the same name. Her primary task in the organization is encrypting and decrypting information. Her latest work has revealed that there are several missing advanced prototype missiles from Halbech's stock. Mina can also train new recruits to the organization in firearms basics.

Mina Tang becomes Michael Thorton's primary handler after the events of Operation Desert Spear. She will interact with Mike throughout most of his missions and will try to aid him in their goals of stopping Halbech from starting a global conflict for profit.

Notable QuotesEdit

"SIE- well that explains the overabundance of testosterone over the line."
Mina to SIE


Mina Tang is an analyst first, a tactician second, and a field agent third. She's been with Alpha Protocol for about a year, working primarily in encrypting and decrypting information. She assists Alan Parker on intel assignments, but is also called upon to help train new recruits in firearm basics. Her data analysis led to the discovery of several missing advanced prototype missiles from Halbech's stock, and the evidence she obtained forms the basis for Operation Desert Spear (the mission to track down and deal with Sheik Ali Shaheed and recover the stolen Halbech missiles).

Mina was with the National Security Agency for several years before coming to Alpha Protocol, they asked her to join out of college, right after a calculus professor had told a friend in the NSA about her mathematical ability. All her reviews at the NSA bordered on above average to outstanding, but eventually she decided the work was not for her, and resigned. According to records, Alpha Protocol contacted her the hour after she placed her resignation letter on her superior's desk at the NSA. Once Alpha Protocol explained their purpose and her assignment, she agreed to join the agency.

Mina found work within the National Security Agency unsatisfying - and to quote her own words, she "didn't feel she was doing much to make the world a safer place." She has had more luck with Alpha Protocol - her field work with Alan Parker in Halbech's Milan office was largely responsible for the discovery of the missing Halbech missiles and the first mission to Saudi Arabia. It is unusual, however, in that both Mina and Parker were made unaware of each others presence.

Mina has been inserted into Alpha Protocol as a spy to monitor their activities - as such, it is possible she never truly resigned her role in the National Security Administration, but instead, has continued to feed them information about Alpha Protocol's activities.

Mina is directly responsible for interfering with Operation Desert Spear, cutting Michael Thorton loose from the agency and forcing him to enact Alpha Protocol. She claims she did this because only a rogue agent operating independently can stop Halbech and Alpha Protocol - and in effect carry out her mission to expose and dismantle the secret agency for her.

Interactions with Michael ThortonEdit

  • Mina is the first person Michael is introduced to at the beginning of the events of Alpha Protocol. She tries to aid in his "escape" from the medical bay of the Graybox and is met in-person once the test of his ability to handle stress is completed, where she administers the basic orientation firearms competency testing.
  • She is the most prominent handler in the game, appearing as such more often than any other handler option.
  • She is a possible romance option.
  • Mina can be executed or abandoned to die by the player during the final mission. Regardless of whether Halbech is sided with, the player can find Mina tied to a chair and locked in the firearms training course with explosives set to destroy the facility. After a short discussion, Michael has the option to release her or execute her. If the player chooses not to enter the firing range, Mina dies in the ensuing explosion.
  • At the end of the game, if the player is with her on the boat, unless your reputation with her is +7 or you slept with her, she won't hug Michael. If the a romance with her occured, Mina hugs Michael affectionately and sails off with him.

Dossier Locations Edit

Handler BonusEdit

Relationship Bonus Effect Description
Trusted to Friendship Constant Encouragement II Endurance +15 With Mina's reassuring presence on your earpiece, you feel like you could walk through a hail of bullets.
Neutral to Liked Constant Encouragement Endurance +10 Mina's presence on your earpiece drives you forward - giving you an extra dose of willpower to shrug off pain and distraction.
Dislike Too Busy to Play Nice -5% cooldown on all Abilities Your dislike of Mina keeps you unconcerned with her judgments of your conduct - and more focused on getting things done.
Animosity or Hatred Too Busy to Play Nice II -10% cooldown on all Abilities Having completely divorced yourself from Mina's observations and judgment calls, you are completely focused on your work whenever she's handling your missions.


  • She is the first person to speak to the player in the game.
  • She is the easiest character to get friendship level reputation with.
  • Although it's suggested in her dossier, and in retrospective connection considering an e-mail found in Rome to be the NSA, Mina never actually says who she's working for.
  • SIE and Mina don't like each other. Mina dislikes SIE for her violent and somewhat psychotic methods. If Michael is in good standing with both her and SIE, Mina will also take a dislike of SIE's flirtatious behavior towards him. Mina will mock SIE for her fake oversized breasts while the German mercenary will tease Mina for her inexperience, calling her "little girl."
  • Mina dislikes hearing Michael flirting with or showing interest in other women, regardless of the player's reputation with her. This is out of a sense of professionalism (and in the case of SIE, personal taste), and in the case of a positive reputation established with Michael, jealousy (as in this case, she will send an e-mail showing her attraction to him).
  • The game purposefully misleads the player into assuming that Scarlet Lake meeting Michael may not have been coincidental. Henry Leland questions Michael on this directly, shown early on in the game. A scene in one of the development trailers turned into promotional wallpaper shows a woman with long red hair at the Greece Safehouse, naked and lying in bed waiting for Michael Thorton with a gun hidden behind her as he walks through the door, suggesting she poses a hidden danger to him. While Scarlet kept her role as an assassin a secret from him, it is shown throughout the game that their meeting was indeed coincidental, and that she has no intention of harming Thorton. Instead, the one who staged their path to cross with Michael and placed him in danger is revealed to be Mina Tang. This is either an intended surprising twist, or a path of the story that was scrapped during the game's development and remade into such.
  • Mina Tang's name and certain details involving her character may be a possible reference to a character from the hit TV series 24, admitted by the developers of Alpha Protocol to be one of their inspirations in terms of suspense and intrigue. Her first name is spelt with the same number of letters and rhymes with Nina Myers' first name. She is also revealed to be a double agent who placed herself into Alpha Protocol to monitor and hinder the efforts of the agency. This, like Nina Myers' true nature is revealed only at the end of the first season of 24, is not revealed until nearing or arriving at the conclusion of the game. Unlike Nina Myers however, Mina Tang is portrayed in a much more noble light. Her actions and her deceptions are done in the name of protecting the greater good and the bigger picture in ultimately exposing the agency and stopping the conspiracy taking place, whereas Nina Myers is revealed to be a ruthless mercenary powered only by greed.



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