Intercept Nasri the Arms Dealer is one of the missions in the Saudi Arabia hub.


Intel has revealed that Nasri is supplying Al-Samad with weapons. You will have to infiltrate his compound and get past his guards so that you can get intel on Shaheed's location.

Available intelEdit

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Mission Information
$2,500 Bonus Objective for Arms Dealer mission. An anonymous black market source is offering intel on Nasri's weapon shipment.
False Attack
Anonymous $1,800 Reduction in enemy strength on the Arms Dealer mission. An American private military company will run a sortie not far from Nasri's location and draw out any alert staff - leaving only the second rate guards on duty when you show up.
Security Information Anonymous $500 Mission map for Arms Dealer mission. For a small fee, a surveillance company will provide you with a detailed map of Nasri's security systems.

NOTE: Mission Information appears to be bugged. You will receive 100xp for completing the Bonus Objective, however there does not appear to be any consequence beyond this. The Intel email record shows that you've done a favor for Murad, but there is no discount, cash bonus, etc.

Objectives and walkthroughEdit

Mandatory objectivesEdit

Get past guardsEdit

Talk with the guards and convince them to let you in.

  • Joking: The guy you talk to will say that he needs to contact Nasri to confirm your arrival and walk towards the radio. You then receive Westridge -1. If you attack him before he gets to the radio, or you have a shoot out once the alarm goes off, you get Westridge +1 once you defeat everyone, for a net reputation change of 0. (Instead of attacking, get to the ladder, jump over the gap, go into the room and drop to the level below, and behind locked front gate, while NOT attacking anyone). You also get +200 XP when the fighting is over and decide to defeat everyone there. (no extra exp if you run for it though) also 2 extra guards to fight without worry in that area after locked gate.
  • Aggressive: Completes objective. Allows you to bluff your way past the guards without triggering the alarm. Westridge +1(200 XP)
  • Direct: Completes objective. Allows you to bluff your way past the guards, but an alarm will trigger after you enter the first area after locked gate (Nasri's men figure out that you aren't supposed to be there after all). Westridge +1
  • Draw Gun: Gets you into a gun fight, kill all 5 guards to complete. Westridge +1 and +200 XP also 2 extra guards to fight without worry in the area after locked gate.

Keep in mind that you may get These Aren't the Agents You're Looking for Perk which gives Reduced Cooldown: Evasion, Shadow Operative. Twice in your career, you manipulated armed guards into letting you stroll right past them. This is one of the time.

Infiltrate palaceEdit

Locate the palace Nasri has converted into his headquarters and gain access.

Turn right after you see the car, there will be some ammo on the ground. Go to the other end of the street, and enter through the door. More ammo will be on a table ahead. Exit the house through another door. Keep going straight until you hear people talking. You may ether shoot them or pick door lock of the door +25 XP. After door is open, go inside, and wait for the guard to pass by. You may get the guard without raising an alarm or sneak by the guard. Taking the ladder to the second floor allows you to jump to the next building where you can pick Weapon Mod. Downstairs you will find $5,000 Cash case. If the guards are still alive, it is possible to time things to wait until they are not watching, exit from the building and kill one of the guards, hide and wait again, and kill the other. You could also sneak by them.

Money: $5,000 (case) (First floor of building opposite Mike's entrance)

Weapon Mod: (Second floor of building opposite Mike's entrance.)

As you approach the courtyard you will get a checkpoint. You can either shoot everybody or go straight to the door and pick the lock +25 XP. Go through the building, take care of the lone guard facing away from you, and keep going through the alley. You will turn and enter into the courtyard. Enter the building on the left, which contains a Safe with $2,500 Cash (+25 XP) and a Duffle with $4,500 Cash. Go straight to the second floor. You can jump down and sneak past the guards, moving through this area (but possibly missing some extra loot) or you can take care of the guard, waiting for the guard in the courtyard to turn around, then jump down and take care of him. Go to the building across the courtyard, go inside, wait for the guard above to come to the a safe stop, climb the ladder, and take care of him. If you explore the second floor where the guard patrols, there are two ammo boxes to take.

Money: $4,500 (Duffel bag in first floor of the building to the left of the alley.)

Money: $2,500 (Safe in first floor of the building to the left of the alley.)

Proceed to the tower, and there will be ammo on the first floor on the ground in the tower. Go to the top of the tower, Mike will comment on the amount of stairs he has to climb and you will get a checkpoint. Get down from the tower.

You can shoot everybody in the square, or, for a stealthy playthrough, you can go around the square in the shaded area up to the point where you can't go any further. One of the guards will walk into the shaded area, take care of him. Walk around the obstacle and take care of the second guard in the far shaded area. Take care of the third guard that patrols the center of the square . Finally, climb up the ramp and take care of the last guard. In the area you will find $2,000 Cash Duffle Bag, ammo in the far corner of the square, and Armor Mod hidden in the shaded area near the big box.

Armor mod (in the big square, far right corner of the player's entrance behind a large box).

Money: $2,000 (Duffel bag in the big square, off to the left of where the player enters).

XP: 200

Bug: As you enter the big courtyard, if you turn around you can create a glitch by running down the stairs until the silver logo appears then heading back up the stairs again. This makes all the guards in the next area static, making them easier to deal with.

Find NasriEdit

Locate Nasri within his palace compound.

Money: $3,000 (locked room at the start).

Money: $2,500 (safe in missiles room).

You can hack or EMP a missile launcher in this room to fire a missile potentially killing two guards. Firing the missile will set off the alarm.

Result: +350 XP

Defeat Nasri's guardsEdit

Fight past Nasri's guards to get to Nasri.

Money: $3,000 (off tp the right corner of the room from the entrance).

There is also an infinitely respawning Ammo crate in this room. You can stand near it to collect as much as you want. (it respawns every 30 seconds). It will take a long time (7 hours spent) to collect enough if you plan to get the best gear before you leave Saudi and have some money left over to get other equipment.

Nasri Edit

When you get to Nasri, you will have a brief chit chat with him. The following options below.

  • Reassuring - Nothing
  • Intimidating - Nothing
  • Professional - Nothing

Optional objectivesEdit

Gather intelEdit

Gather intelligence related to the theft of the Halbech missiles.

XP: 100 (in locked room immediately after infiltrating palace).

Switch shipping labelsEdit

Alter the shipping label on the crate of weapons to reroute it to a new destination (can only be done if you purchased the appropriate intel).

XP: 100

Extort Nasri: $15,000 from Nasri. No change in arms smuggling in the area. Increase in intelligence in area. The Big Picture perk.

Kill Nasri: Decreased ammo supplies for terrorists in the area.Any Last Words...? perk. Most equipment from Clearinghouse vanishes.

Arrest Nasri: $15,000 from Westridge (in an e-mail after the mission). Decreased arms smuggling in the area means enemies will have worse equipment (will also remove most gear from the Clearinghouse) while you're in Saudi Arabia. And some items won't be available from the Clearinghouse during the rest of the game. Also get the Due Process perk.

Consequences in following missionsEdit

  • If Nasri is extorted, the cost of the Additional On-Site Acquisition intel for the Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile mission is reduce from $3,000 to $4.
  • If Nasri is killed, the Additional On-Site Acquisition intel for the Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile mission will not be available.
  • If Nasri is arrested, an Intel option for the Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile mission becomes available that, if purchased, places a valuable ($5000) laptop in the detention cells.
  • Another intel option appears during the Investigate Ruins Transmission mission in Rome.
  • Also, if Nasri is arrested, and the Bug Al-Samad Airfield mission is done after, you get Mina +1 and she will express her approval during the briefing. If you killed Nasri, she will be disappointed and you get (-1).


  • In the room where you defeat Nasri's final guards, an infinite ammo respawn point can be found on the left side of the room, at the table with targets.
  • In the room with the missile launcher there is a checkpoint bug where after you go through the door all of the guards will immediately disappear upon reaching the checkpoint and the door can be opened with everything lootable still remaining you can return for anything of value (Xbox 360).
  • There seems to be a bug in the game where if you arrest Nasri, you can still sell items to him on Clearinghouse. However these items cannot be purchased back because Nasri is detained, which would be possible from other suppliers.