Born in Newport, Rhode Island, Henry Leland's involvement in the Halbech Corporation began immediately after he graduated college, when his close friend and mentor, Robert James Halbech III, hired him as one of the top executives at the company. Leland's ingenuity and business strategies did not disappoint: from his hiring in 1977, Leland was able to make wise investments and use his own connections to secure numerous profitable contracts for Halbech, speedily working his way up to the position of Chief Technology Officer.

Henry Leland made $250 million dollars last year between his salary at Halbech, his investments, and various other unreported means - a lean year for him. Profits have been in decline since eighteen months into the Iraq war, when contracts shifted from large-scale construction and conventional military vehicles to small-scale security. Halbech has yet to transition to the needs of a counter terrorist war - they made their profits off of cold war missile technology and orbital missile defense satellites.

Henry Leland's family life has been downplayed in comparison to the write-ups done in numerous business magazines. His early college years were marked with repeated conflicts with his father, Paul Leland, over the role of business in the community, with the common debate between the two being the nature of what is "illegal" vs. what is "unethical." The more arguments the two had, the more estranged the two became, until Henry's final year in business school, where he ceased speaking to his father altogether.

Secret Fact: Henry Leland learned about Alpha Protocol from his former Chief of Security, Conrad Marburg. Once aware of the program from Marburg, he used his government contacts to gain access to the Alpha Protocol program and use it for his own ends... in exchange for giving the United States deals on various missile technology contracts

Fate Edit

Alpha Protocol Ending Edit

During the final stage of the player's conversation with Leland, and if the player has a high enough reputation with him, he will offer Thorton the opportunity to join him at Halbech's side, should the player refuse this offer or not having enough reputation with Leland to get the offer, the Thorton will be escorted by Alpha Protocol agents to the medical bay to sedate him and leave him there until the Graybox is destroyed, killing him in the process. After escaping using the help of either SIE, Albattoss or Steven Heck, Thorton will then fight his way through Alpha Protocol Agents until he gets into a final confrontation with either Westrige or Leland, after the combat Thorton will have a final dialogue with Leland and in the end he can decide whether to spare Leland or Execute him. Depending on the player's choices throughout the game, there are different outcomes, if the player has a high reputation with Scarlet Lake and spare her or didn't interact with her after meeting her in the graybox, then after sparing Leland, Scarlet will shot the player but then kill Leland afterwards since she doesn't want to kill Mike and has never been paid by Leland for the assassination of President Sung. However if the player doesn't have a high enough reputation with her she will attempt to kill Mike, only to be shot dead by Mina, or Steven Heck if he is the one chosen by the player as the handler for the final mission, leaving Thorton to once more decide Leland's fate, if the player spares Leland he will then be knocked out by Thorton only to be found by authorities and to be judged in trial for his criminal actions. There is also a third outcome after sparing Leland for the first time which evolves Conrad Marburg, if Scarlet is executed by Michael, Marburg survived the vents in Rome and has a high reputation with Michael then he will show up shortly after Thorton spares Leland, after that Leland will ask Marburg to kill Mike, only to disobey his order and saying goodbye to Michael, leaving the player to decide again whether to kill or spare Leland.

Halbech Ending Edit

If the player accepted Leland's offer of joining Halbech then in the end Thrton can either choose to betray Leland by killing him using a Remote Control Mine, or keep being his ally only to have Throton have his life back along with a new job in Halbech.

Interactions with Mike ThortonEdit

  • During cutscenes in the game He and Thorton Discuss the events of Alpha Protocol and your choices during the game.
  • In the beginning of the final mission he orders his guards to capture you (if he likes you enough he offers you the option to work for Halbech) you can accept it but if you do so you can betray him later, or not which will result in Thorton becoming Halbech's top agent.If you choose not to join Halbech, at the end of the game, you can choose to spare or kill him. If you spare him Michael will knock him out and leave him for the authorities. Alternatively, Scarlet will appear and shoot you (but not kill you), after that if she has a high enough reputation with Michael she will kill Leland, if not she will attempt to kill Michael only to be killed herself by either Mina or Steven Heck.

Mission AppearancesEdit

A mission listed in italics means that mission does not to be completed to complete a playthrough. The words (Determinant) mean this character only may appear in that mission.


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Alpha Protocol characters - Henry Leland

Alpha Protocol characters - Henry Leland

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