A handler is a guide over the course of a mission that is heard over Michael Thorton's headset providing insight and advice. The handler in question monitors the details of Michael's mission - his goals, his options, and his surroundings, and gives their assessment and opinion as they analyze the situation from an overlooking point of view, using their off-site capabilities to deduce things Michael himself cannot in the field. Rarely, the handler in question can also be someone in the field with Michael as well.

Each mission usually has a single handler Michael Thorton has already met, though some missions will come to a point where a change in handlers may be beneficial or preferred. In the latter circumstance, Michael begins to communicate with a different individual. This occurs either when someone else has knowledge that the current handler does not, making the switch beneficial, or when circumstances make a new handler a more viable option.

The handler assigned to missions is pre-determined, though the player can choose their handler at the conclusion of Alpha Protocol. Each handler offers unique and temporary perks, referred to as handler bonuses. These perks provide a boost to certain aspects of Michael's performance in gameplay. These perks change depending on the player's reputation with the handler in question.

Handler Bonuses Edit

Mina Tang Edit

Relationship Bonus Effect Description
Trusted to Friendship Constant Encouragement II Endurance +15 With Mina's reassuring presence on your earpiece, you feel like you could walk through a hail of bullets.
Neutral to Liked Constant Encouragement Endurance +10 Mina's presence on your earpiece drives you forward - giving you an extra dose of willpower to shrug off pain and distraction.
Dislike Too Busy to Play Nice -5% cooldown on all Abilities Your dislike of Mina keeps you unconcerned with her judgments of your conduct - and more focused on getting things done.
Animosity or Hatred Too Busy to Play Nice II -10% cooldown on all Abilities Having completely divorced yourself from Mina's observations and judgment calls, you are completely focused on your work whenever she's handling your missions.

Sean Darcy Edit

Relationship Bonus Effect Description
Liked Tech Savvy II Gadget Damage +20% With Darcy watching your back, you have the advice of a trained tech specialist at your disposal. His guidance will improve the effectiveness of your technological weapons.
Neutral Tech Savvy Gadget Damage +10% Darcy may have an attitude, but he knows his tech. With him in charge of the mission, you'll get the most out of your ordnance.
Neutral (Negative) Who's the Better Agent? Endurance +5 Knowing that your death would imply Darcy might have been a better choice to go on the mission, your resolve is strengthened.
Disliked Who's the Better Agent? II Endurance +10 Your will to live is strengthened by the knowledge that dying would make Darcy happy. That can't happen - not at any cost.

Yancy Westridge Edit

Relationship Bonus Effect Description
Trusted By the Book II 10% Cooldown Bonus on all abilities Westridge's careful observations of your mission gives you a boost of confidence and keeps you focused.
Neutral to Liked By the Book 5% Cooldown Bonus on all abilities Knowing that Westridge is watching your back keeps you focused.
Disliked Loose Cannon Favored Weapon Damage +1 Westridge isn't exactly your number one fan, and knowing that makes you all the more eager to cause mayhem while he's listening in.
Animosity Loose Cannon II Favored Weapon Damage +2 Westridge doesn't like you, and you don't much like Westridge. Listening to his voice over your earpiece fills you with the urge to cause bodily harm.

Albatross Edit

Relationship Bonus Effect Description
Friendship The Subtle Approach II Enemy Sight Range -10% Though Albatross isn't a trusting man, he's grown to like you. With him as your handler, you have a master of infiltration watching over you and giving you pointers.
Neutral to Trusted The Subtle Approach Enemy Sight Range -5% Albatross is a veteran of countless covert operations. As your handler, he imparts some of his cautious methodology on you.
Disliked Competition Endurance +5 You don't trust Albatross, and he doesn't trust you. This animosity keeps you going when pain might slow you down.
Animosity or Hatred Competition II Endurance +10 The only thing worse than Albatross' voice in your earpiece is the thought of his smug grin if you died. That thought alone leaves you unwilling to give up in the face of grievous harm.

SIE Edit

Relationship Bonus Effect Description
Friendship Size Matters II SMG and Assault Rifle Recoil Control +2 The German mercenary with the over-sized gun is helping you on this mission. She can pass on several pointers on handling large hardware, whatever that means.
Neutral to Trusted Size Matters SMG and Assault Rifle Recoil Control +1 With SIE assisting you over the earpiece, you're picking up several pointers on how to properly lay down suppressive fire.
Disliked Never Show Fear to a Cougar Damage Resistance +5% There's something about SIE's androgynous voice over your earpiece that makes you less inclined to die - it's probably the fear that if you were wounded on your mission, she'd rescue you and lick your wounds.
Animosity or Hatred Never Show Fear to a Cougar II Damage Resistance +10% Like it or not, you're working with SIE for this mission. At least her annoying accent and awkward innuendos distract you from the pain of injury.

Madison Saint James Edit

Relationship Bonus Effect Description
Neutral to Liked Due Caution Enemy Sight Range -5% She may not be an international woman of mystery, but Madison will do whatever she can to keep you safe. While she's helping you on this mission, she'll impart her cautious nature, giving you a slight edge in staying out of sight.
Neutral (Negative) Redirected Frustration Favored Weapon Damage +1 Having a civilian handler like Madison makes you long for a competent agent feeding you information. This frustration is easily vented on anyone crossing your path.
Dislike (Further negative) Redirected Frustration II Favored Weapon Damage +2 Madison's irritating presence over your earpiece may be a distraction, but putting that extra bullet in someone's head sounds like a good way to overcome the annoyance.

Steven Heck Edit

Relationship Bonus Effect Description
Friendship Fighting Dirty II QC Strike Damage +2 Heck and you share a bizarre rapport - maybe it's because you're both men of mystery, or more likely because you both enjoy getting your hands dirty. Either way, having Heck as your Handler brings out your violent tendencies.
Neutral to Trusted Fighting Dirty CQC Strike Damage +1 Heck is your handler on this mission, and he's imparting a fair bit of his know-how on the subject of hands-on violence.
Disliked Ignore the Sociopath Enemy Sight Range -5% Given the choice, Heck would solve most problems with cacophonous violence. As long as he's over your earpiece, you are more inclined to be subtle.
Animosity or Hatred Ignore the Sociopath II Enemy Sight Range -10% The more you hear Heck's voice over your earpiece, the more you want to kill him in his sleep. You can't help but feel the contrarian urge to ignore his ravings and exercise caution.

Scarlet Lake Edit

Relationship Bonus Effect Description
Friendship Death By Zoom Lens II +2 Accuracy with the Pistol and Assault Rifle Hearing Scarlet Lake over your earpiece keeps you centered and aware - a state of mind that's quite useful for lining up a perfect shot.
Neutral to Trusted Death By Zoom Lens +1 Accuracy with the Pistol and Assault Rifle Scarlet Lake's voice over your radio steadies your nerves (and your aim).
Disliked Rivalry -5% cooldown on all Abilities Your general dislike of Scarlet Lake provokes you into trying your best - to show her up, of course.
Animosity or Hatred Rivalry II -10% cooldown on all Abilities Being forced to work with Scarlet Lake is driving you nuts... fortunately, that anger keeps you focused.