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Dialogue is a major component of gameplay in Alpha Protocol, a majority of the missions and the scenes involve use of the dialogue system. When placed into an in-game conversation, the player will choose Michael Thorton's behavior and interaction with other characters. A conversation is timed, a bar is displayed over the dialogue stances and indicates how long the player has to choose. 

Choosing the professional dialogue will have Mike talking straight with other characters, telling them what he wants or thinks clearly and respectfully. Choosing the suave dialogue will have Mike acting cheeky, coy, comedic, arrogant, or sarcastic. Mike will dance around the topic at hand and make jokes before saying what he intends to say. Choosing the aggressive dialgoue will have Mike act tough and intimidating, threatening people to get what he wants or telling people off.

The Three Options


There is sometimes a unique fourth dialogue option that will appear depending on what class the player selected or in special conversations. Usually this option is to execute a character. The recruit and veteran classes have many of these that give them unique dialogues. The Tech Specialist has a special option to tell Mina how to bypass Brayko's security systems in his mansion. The Field Agent has a special dialogue option to tell the Embassy guard in Moscow that he needs to get inside to see Surkov. No matter what class is selected, an option can be given to hit Leland in the final mission.


  • The professional dialogue is the most well recieved dialogue throughout the game, yielding good results with most of the characters.
  • The suave dialogue is the most humorous and will have Mike saying some hilarious things.

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