Contact Albatross (Moscow) is one of the missions in the Moscow hub.


You are contacted by Albatross, who proposes a meeting to discuss the situation in Moscow.

Available intelEdit

Intel Type Source Cost Description
Albatross Dossier Grigori $9,000 Dossier information on Albatross. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on the elusive G22 agent known only as Albatross.
Sis Dossier Grigori $8,250 Dossier information on Sis. Purchasing this Intel will expand your dossier on the G22 operative that goes by the codename "Sis".

Objectives and WalkthroughEdit

Mandatory objectivesEdit

Contact AlbatrossEdit

Albatross will offer cooperation in the form of additional clearinghouse supplies as well as help in locating Sergei Surkov at the U.S. Embassy. Thorton may accept or decline the offer and has the opportunity to influence his relationship with Sis and Albatross as well as acquire dossier information.

  • Locket (Miscellaneous node, only available if you spared Sis) Albatross -1, Sis dossier
  • Sis (next Miscellaneous node, only available if you spared Sis, and selected Locket first) Albatross +1, Albatross -1 (net Albatross 0), Sis +1, Sis +2 (net Sis +3), Sis dossier Secret Fact
  • No (final Suave node) G22 dossier Secret Fact
  • Yes (final Professional node) G22 clearinghouse supplies

Dossier: Sis

Dossier: Sis Secret Fact

Dossier: G22

Choices and ConsequencesEdit

Consequences of Previous MissionsEdit

If you have a positive modifier with Albatross, and have cooperated with G22 in the past, this mission becomes available.

If you spared Sis' life during Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data, Albatross expresses his thanks.

Consequences in Following MissionsEdit

Purchasing dossier information on Sis and selecting the 'Locket" and 'Sis' conversation nodes are the only ways to increase reputation with her. If the player does these things and selects Albatross as their handler for Infiltrate Alpha Protocol, Sis will smile at Mike and toss him a pistol after freeing him.