Character InteractionsEdit

Here's a short list of characters and how to get the most positive reaction out of them:


Saudi ArabiaEdit





  • UC Commissar (highest damage, lowest overall stats): G22, Sergei Surkov
  • Samael Seraphim (lowest damage, highest overall stats): G22, Murad


  • Silencer Mk3: G22, found on 3rd floor during Bug CIA Listening Post mission in Rome
  • Featherweight Pistol Reflex Sight: G22
  • Over-sized Pistol Clip: G22, Licinius
  • Composite Pistol Grip: Grigori Pazinhov, Licinius


  • Advanced Combat Armor: SIE, Sergei Surkov
    • Armored Joints: SIE, Sergei Surkov
    • Advanced Ceramic Plates: SIE, Sergei Surkov
    • Reactive Polymer Mesh: SIE, Sergei Surkov
  • Advanced Stealth Armor: G22, The Turk
    • Improved Digital Camouflage: G22, The Turk
    • Multispectral Flashbulb: G22, The Turk
    • Integrated Circuitry: G22, The Turk
  • Advanced Utility Armor: Grigori Pazinhov, Rising Sun
    • Adrenaline Optimizer: Rising Sun, The Turk
    • Carbide Matrix: Heck Enterprises, Sergei Surkov
    • Reinforced Arm Guards: Heck Enterprises
    • Ammo Netting: Rising Sun, SIE

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