Assault Lazo's Yacht and Retrieve Data is a mission in the Moscow hub.


A high ranking member of the Russian mob named Lazo appears to have information on Halbech's operations in Moscow and how it connects to the mob. Lazo is having a party on his yacht; your mission is to infiltrate the yacht and retrieve the data from his computers.

Available intelEdit

In the under-belly of the ship across from the bathrooms you can access the electrical panel and disrupt the entertainment room, causing a guard to come and investigate. Kill him.

If you contacted Grigori before hand, and opted for the suave or professional route, a file will be up for purchase, resulting in an intercepted email calls attention to an electronic account accessible only from Lazo's laptop.

Objectives and WalkthroughEdit

Mandatory ObjectivesEdit

Find LazoEdit

Find Lazo belowdecks. If he becomes hostile deal with him as necessary.

Money: $3,000 (on a table aft of the arcade).

Money: $3,000 (on a craps table belowdecks).

Money: $4,000 (in smaller bedroom belowdecks).

Hack ComputerEdit

Hack the yacht's computer system and uncover out what Lazo knows about the missiles.

Money: $2,500 (in Lazo's bedroom).

Weapon Mod (in Lazo's bedroom).

XP: 200

Fight G22's LeaderEdit

Subdue the leader of the G22 Assault team.

Boss battle on the deck with Sis. Use cover and return fire. It should be over quickly. If you want to make this a quick fight you can set grenades just before you go hack the last computer on the bridge in between and behind the 2 bars Sis takes cover on during the fight. Afterwards you can finish this fight without firing a shot.

Fastest fight: as soon as the fight sequence starts, trigger advanced chain shot and drop Sis with 5 tranq darts. Done deal. Even the toughest enemies will fall to Chain Shot-Brilliance-Chain Shot.

XP: 200 (for mission)

XP: 300 (for beating Sis)

Sis is mute, and says nothing, but you can still select Thorton's responses, including letting her go or ending her life.

Once you return to the safehouse you will be contacted by Albatross of G22. There are some options during this conversation that will effect your reputation with Albatross.

Spared SisEdit
  • Joking (first Suave node) Albatross -1
  • Practical (first Professional node) Albatross +1
  • Agree (second Professional node) Albatross +1
Executed SisEdit

Albatross -2 (before the conversation even starts)

Taunting (2nd Suave node) Albatross -1

Optional ObjectivesEdit

Hack Lazo's ComputerEdit

Hack Lazo's computer and reroute funds into your account.

Money: $7,500

Dossier: Russian Mafia

XP: 100

Choices and ConsequencesEdit

Consequences of Previous MissionsEdit

Consequences in Following MissionsEdit

  • Sparing Sis will let you make an alliance with G22 on the Contact Albatross mission.
  • Continued good relations with Albatross will provide resources for future missions.

Easter eggsEdit

Yacht's name - "ПОБЕДА" ("Pobeda", "Victory"). But with first two letters lost it reads: "БЕДА" ("Beda", "Trouble"). It is a reference to Soviet animation film and book "Adventures of Captain Vrungel"


  • If you are looking to raise your "enemies evaded" count this mission is a good choice, as a bunch of enemies here are out-of-the-way and another bunch is easy to evade (shadow operative might be required for this though). The mission will eventually culminate in a firefight (quite possibly with an alarm) but the previously mentioned enemies will not participate.
  • The two female dancers are considered legitimate targets and can be knocked out, or killed. However if you ignore them they will simply cower and pose no threat.
  • Even if you only choose to knock out Lazo, Sis's men will still say he was eliminated.