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Ali Shaheed (Arabic: علي شهيد) is a wealthy Middle Eastern oil sheik in Alpha Protocol. He is part of an anti-American terrorist organization led by Al-Samad, whom he is probably also the representative of. Though he has a strong hatred for the West, he is not above extending political favors if it benefits his business.


Ali Shaheed is an oil sheik with strong ties to political figures in the Middle East and the West. He is incredibly wealthy from both his oil interests and the political favors he's been granted in exchange for access to his oil. Shaheed frequently intercedes on behalf of his Western and European friends in Middle East affairs. Shaheed is monitored by Interpol and numerous intelligence agencies, and is widely known as the voice of Al-Samad, responsible for several anti-American broadcasts over the past several years.

Shaheed is a suspected financier of terror bombings in Europe, and is believed to have several Al-Samad cells buried in Europe and Asia, ready to carry out terrorist attacks. One such cell in Europe is believed to be led by Jibril Al-Bara, a professor who has recently gone into hiding and is wanted by both the National Security Administration for financial irregularities and Interpol for questioning.

According to the intelligence obtained in Saudi Arabia, Shaheed has been working on behalf of Halbech, using his near diplomatic immunity to act as a go-between for a part of the immediate and future profits Halbech will reap from the destabilization in these locations.

Interactions with Mike ThortonEdit

In Saudi Arabia after you defeated Ali Shaheed dialogue


select "Curious" +2 rep.


select "Agree" +1 rep.

  • If Mike choose to spare Shaheed then he will return in a later level with intel and proof for him involving Halbech (you will be given a choice to kill him or not), but before that he will ask if Mike is willing to betray America or not. Either answer will still give Mike the proof, but will affect your relations with Shaheed. In the aftermatch, Al-Samad launched multiple terror attacks using a new material of explosive gel, with Shaheed reappearing and announcing that he will continue the attack until all US bases leaves all territories of the Muslim world.


Intentional or not, the word shaheed literally translates as "witness" in English, but the word is more closely associated with "martyr", which might just explain a few things.

Mission AppearancesEdit

Saudi Arabia


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